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Milan Arrival

Have you decided to visit one of the most popular cities in Italy like Milan yet? If so, do you know how to get there? If your answer is “no”, we recommend you read the following information, which can help you have a better idea of the options you have for your trip to this glamorous city. Milan has a good transportation system which allows tourists to get to Milan by car, train or plain.

By car

If you are thinking of getting to Milan by car, you will find that there are many highways that connect Milan to other cities. The following are just some of them:

  • The “Autostrada del Sole”, which connect Milan to Florence, Bologna, Naples and Rome.
  • “Westbound”, which connect Milan to Turin, Western Alps and France.
  • The “Autostrada Serenissima”, which connect Milan to Padua, Brescia, Bergamo, Verona and Venice.
  • The “Autostrada dei Laghi”, which connect Milan to Maggiore and Como lakes, Lugano and Switzerland.

The above-mentioned highways are connected to the 40-km-long ring road, which is divided in “Tangenziale Nord”, where it is possible to drive to Como, Turin, and Venice; ” Tangenziale Est”, where it is possible to drive to Venice and “Tangenziale Ovest” where it is possible to drive to Genoa and Bologna.

By train

“Milano Centrale”, is the main railway station, and you will be impressed by its architecture, size and appearance. It is served by MM2 and MM2 metro lines. If you need to take a taxi, you will find it in front of the station, but if you prefer to stay overnight, there are also hotels near the area. In the station, you can find a supermarket, cafes, shops and more and there are also internet points near it. It is important to be careful, especially at night, around the station, because vagrants sleep there and you also have to be careful in the morning, when there are more people around the area.

There are other train stations such as Cardona, where the train from the airport stops and Garibaldi, with nice hotels and good attractions located nearby, such as the “Corso Como” which is an avenue with a variety of bars, shops and clubs.

For those who like the journey by train, this is a good experience.

By plane

If you prefer to get to Italy the easiest way, take a plane and enjoy Milan. This city has two main international airports, which are “Malpensa” and “Linate”.

Malpensa airport

It is considered the main international and largest airport in Milan. It is located 39 km approximately northwest of central Milan (Province of Varese,). This modern airport has two terminals; terminal 1 is the largest and it is used for intercontinental and international flights, while terminal 1 is used by budget airlines. Both of them are connected to a free transfer bus service. These buses are usually full and one has to wait up to 40 minutes to get on. If you can’t wait this long, there are also taxis which offer transfer service.

Linate airport

This airport is close to the city centre and it is located 7km East of Milan. It is used by airlines to domestic and European destinations. You can get tourist information on the ground floor of the terminal, in case of arrivals, and on the first floor in case of departures. It has a variety of services such as telephones, internet access points, newspapers, banks, etc. It also has executive lounges and you can find a post office on the ground floor.

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