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Markets in Milan

Milan city can surprise us in a variety of ways. If we have visited its churches, museums and have experienced its lifestyle, fashion world and nightlife, we have to know that this awesome city has more things to offer us. We are going to talk about the open-air markets in Milan. Most of them take place at weekends. There you can find all kinds of supplies such as clothes, books, antique furniture, jewelry and more at reasonable prices. Markets are usually crowded and yet, they offer us a variety of things to bargains.

Do you want to know which those places are? Then, here we give you summarized information on each one. By reading this information you can decide whether to go to one of them or simply to avoid open markets, by considering the location, things, etc.

  • Mercato di Viale Papiniano
    If you are thinking of buying fashionable clothes you can go to this market and find things at the best prices. This market, considered as the most famous market in Milan, is located in Viale Papiniano and takes place on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. It is popular for offering excellent fashion bargains. In this big market, b esides clothes you can also find shoes, toys and much more. It won’t be strange if you find traffic almost paralyzed around this wonderful market.

  • Mercatone del Naviglio Grande
    If you visit this great market, it is for sure you will find something to buy. It is located along the Naviglio Grande and opens the last Sunday of each month from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Walking by you can see a variety of interesting and beautiful things such as old books, antiques, furniture, jewelry, toys and others.

  • Fiera di Sinigaglia
    If you have free time on Saturday morning and you want to buy some articles or products at good prices, you can visit this fantastic flea market. “Fiera di Sinigaglia” takes place in Viale d'Annunzio, along Darsena lake. You will find many things there, such as furniture, books, crafts from different countries, second-hand clothes, military items, jewelry, DVDs, videos and much more.

  • Viale Fauché
    This market is loved by fashion people. It is located at the north of Milan at Via Fauché. In this market you can find clothes, shoes, etc.

  • Via Armorari
    If you are a collector, you will enjoy walking by this market. This collector’s market is located near the Piazza Cordusio. It offers a variety of collectables such as coins, stamps and toys among others. You can visit it on Sunday morning.

  • Mercato dei Fiori e delle Piante
    Talking about other things you would like to buy, we have found that, in this market, you can buy beautiful flowers. This market is located at Piazzetta Reale near the Duomo. You can visit this market from mid-March to December, on Sunday mornings.

  • Lunedì dell'Angelo
    This is a traditional flower market located at Piazza Sant'Angelo. It takes place each year in April and on Monday after Easter Sunday. Walking by you can also see different things offered by monks such as books, food and nice handicrafts.

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