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Italy is one of the countries that influenced European arts the most, therefore to whole world, from ancient to modern times. In Italy each city developed its own painting and sculpture style. Italy counts with a range of worldwide famous artists most of them had their distinctive style and nowadays their works are priceless.

Looking for perfection in their Art, Italians have developed many styles, from Ancient Rome period, Gothic, and had more creativity and therefore productions during the Renaissance.

Styles in Painting and Sculpture by Period:

The Etruscans The Romans Early Christian art
The Etruscans
The Etruscans were influenced by Greeks and was developed for religious purposes.
The Romans
The Romans were innovative, both forms of art developed new materials and techniques.
Early Christian art
Early Christian was mainly developed to represent important religious aspects of the period.
The Middle Ages The precursors of Renaissance The fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries
The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages were characterized by the use of symbols and religious images.
The fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries
Renaissance meant the cultural rebirth, which also influenced in the painting and sculpture.
The precursors of Renaissance
Painting & Sculpture during the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries were created using religious themes as the crucifixion and saints.
The Florentine Renaissance The fifteenth century outside of Florence The High Renaissance
The Florentine Renaissance
The Florentine Renaissance was characterized by the new vision of the world.
The fifteenth century outside of Florence
The Fifteenth Century was a period, in which the Renaissance speared Outside of Florence.
The High Renaissance
The High Renaissance has great harmony and its representatives are worldwide known.
The late Renaissance The Baroque age The eighteenth century
The late Renaissance
The Late Renaissance in Italy had as a principal style, the Mannerism.
The Baroque age
Baroque period emphasized motion and drama through tension and exuberance.
The eighteenth century
18th century in Italy was full of innovations; artists renewed the styles known until this period.
The nineteenth century The twentieth century
The nineteenth century
19th century was characterized by styles such as Romanticism and Realism.
The twentieth century
The twentieth century had a radical artistic change in Italy.

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