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Health system in Italy

Hospitals have a really good reputation in Italy due to the number of well-trained doctors so Italy is in fact a country where one can expect to find good medical assistance and low-cost health care. However, state hospitals are very patchy in the south of Italy; itís a good idea to have private health insurance, which covers the costs of medical services. The national health system in Italy is managed by local health authorities. If you are European, the health authorities will provide low or non-cost medical service. Some services like emergency health provision are available for tourist.

Many tourists, foreigners and Italians prefer to take out private health services over state health services, but if one decides to have a private insurance, one should know itís very expensive. However, patients whose lives are at risk can use the private health system; the costs will be charged to the state health service.


If you need to buy prescription drugs or medicines, there are many pharmacies around Italy. Most pharmacies are opened in regular hours; however, there are pharmacies that open late for emergency dispensing of medicines. You need a prescription in order to buy drugs, because pharmacies need these prescriptions to justify why they give a special drug to someone. If you need to locate a pharmacy, most of the pharmacies have the sign of a green or red cross on a white background.

Doctors and hospitals

If you need any medical service you can go to a hospital, there are two health systems: private system and state system in Italy, the first is quite expensive but it is the best; the second is cheap but it is patchy. Doctors are well-trained, you can rely on them. Italy is well-known for standard services of medical assistance; however there are hospitals where medical assistance is not as good as you imagine. Healthcare in Italy is the second worldwide after France.

If one has a medical emergency, one can call 118, which is the number for it. If you need a dentist, there are many particular dentists around Italy, most of them attend emergencies, but this kind of service is expensive. Itís recommendable to have a list of the main hospitals and its telephones numbers, because no one is free from an accident. You also have to check if the doctor you go to, belongs to the public service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale or SSN), if you donít want to pay extra costs.

If you want to know some medical values without having to visit a hospital, you can use some tools and applications on the Internet. An example is the BMR (Basal metabolic range) calculators as who provides useful information about you calorie needs, or tools that allow you to calculate other indexes like your body fat. It is important to know some of these values to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Searching and comparing Hospitals

Whether you are searching for a hospital that is near you for regular checkups and procedures or if you are interested in seeking out a hospital that provides state of the art technology for an upcoming surgery, browsing online for your options is highly recommended. Using a site such as is a great way to view all of the hospitals that surround you while comparing your options based on your healthcare needs.

Why Look for Hospitals Online?

Browsing for a nearby hospital online is a great way to determine which emergency care centers are closest to you and your family for any type of emergency you may be facing. When you know where the nearest hospitals are to you it is much easier to get the help you need when in dire situations.

Benefits of Comparing Hospitals Online

When you use a website such as, comparing the type of specialty surgeons and specific treatments that are available at each facility is possible. Comparing hospitals online helps to save time when you are faced with a true emergency and will ensure that you get the medical assistance you need regardless of the type of ailment or injury you are trying to help. You can also review the type of physicians that work out of each hospital as well as the research that is conducted from each location. Whether you are seeking a hospital for children, yourself or another loved one, browsing online can ultimately mean the difference between getting the care you deserve and being left untreated.

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