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Festivals in Italy

Italy is full of reasons to celebrate and Italians surely know how to party, throughout the year in the country youíll find a lot of events, carnivals and especial occasions including the national holidays, all of them to consider in the itinerary of your trip.

Many tourists travel to Italy and get there in the middle of a festival or celebration, because they are unique around the world, and whether you get a hangover or the night of your life youíll have a great time and feel that everything was worth it.

Ravello Festival
Ravello Festival

Itíll be a good idea to check the calendar and look up for the festivals in Italy that are celebrated near the day you arrive in this country, and the festival you attend whether itís a huge event like the Venice Carnival or a little carnival in the tiniest city or village most of the festivals are colorful spectacles with fun guaranteed. To experience a trip to Italy, you must get involved in one of those festivals; itís a wonderful way to learn about Italian culture, art, food, music, sports and more. There are also specific festivals such as religious, food and art festivals which are part of the life in Italy and create a festive atmosphere making the holiday spirit get contagious to everyone.

Religious and traditional festivals in Italy Food Festivals in Italy Art Festivals in Italy
Religious and traditional festivals in Italy
Religion is a great influence in Italy especially Christianity since it is the official religion in Italy
Food Festivals in Italy
There are many food festivals around the country due to the great and unique cuisine of every corner in Italy.
Art Festivals in Italy
Art festivals are the more colorful festivals in Italy.

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