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Insurance in Italy

If you want to face some unexpected situations that can happen in life, then one of the things to take into account is getting insurance. There are different types of insurances, but some are most important than others such as life, home, and why not travel insurance if you are thinking of coming to this country?. So, would you like to know more about insurance in Italy? then, here we are going to review some important concepts about this important subject, and we are going to present you with some details about the aforementioned types.

What does insurance mean?

Insurances It is a form of managing the risk. It allows people, businesses and other entities to be protected against some circumstances that can cause potential losses and economic hardships. For example, if you come to Italy and once here, you need medical attention, then getting travel insurance can help you to face the unforeseeable health expenses that this can cause. So, insurances will make sense, if the potential loss has an unfavorable effect (financial hardship) on people, entity, etc.

One of the types of insurances that must be considered important to get, it is “life insurance”, it protects family from loss of income, after one’s death. Imagine how important will be for the family to count with support, if the breadwinner deaths.

It is important you know some concepts, so this way, you will be well-informed about the terms used when you take contact with an insurance company. There are many resources on internet where you can get this, and also other related information, for example an online insurance guide, a directory of insurance companies, among others.

Types of Insurances

How we mentioned before, there are many types that you have to consider to get according to your needs, so here we present you some of the ones you can consider to have:

Life Insurance

When someone wants to protect his/her family it is important to consider buying life insurance, in case the insured dies; it is an insurance contract by which the insurer, in exchange for a premium which may be unique, annual or periodic (quarterly or half yearly) is obliged to meet the person signing the policy, or the person that the subscriber designates a capital or income, at death or reach a certain age.

Free life insurance (polizza assicurativa/vita) is offered by some companies to their employees in Italy, but it may be an accident insurance only.

The main life insurance companies in Italy are the following:
  • BNL Vita S.p.A. 
  • CNP Capitalia Vita S.p.A.
  • CreditRas Vita S.p.A.
  • Intesa Vita.
  • Ina Vita.
  • Montepaschi Vita.

Health Insurance

The health system in Italy works on the principle that health care is a fundamental right of all citizens and that whoever is registered in the National Social Service (SSN) is entitled to receive free treatment of high quality. The SSN manage the National health insurance in Italy. 

The best time to purchase health insurance is before you have a health problem, for example nobody is safe from having an accident, and neither can we predict someone will suffer a serious illness.

Travel Insurance

Nobody is safe of mishaps or inconveniences during a trip. There are unusual circumstances that shake someone´s tranquility, for example the need of medical care, an emergency evacuation or, in other cases, the bankruptcy of the travel organizer. For these reasons it is important to purchase travel insurance. If you are thinking to travel to Italy, then you must not leave your home without getting it.

The travel insurance covers trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical expenses in case you need medical attention, etc. For instance, in case you have an emergency in your trip and need hospitalization, your insurance will cover the expenses to be attended in the nearest hospital. So you must consider to get it in order to have a safe traveling.

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