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Cycling and motorbiking in Italy

“Pedale duro” (Ride tough) and “mangia conveniente” (eat healthy) are two of the most favorite words of Italians, while they are practicing cycling. Italians love sports more than a delicious pizza, in this fashion riding a bike and going throughout stunning sceneries is a common habit for them.

Cycling is considered as a national sport in Italy so its importance is a fundamental part in its culture.

Plenty of Europeans as well as Italians enjoy cycling in cities such as: Florence, Verona, Padua, Siena and Tuscany. However the most popular places are coastline; Stunning sites like Campania’s Cilento Coast, Vineyards to the Sea, Adriatic Coast and the Sardinia Sea and Mines are national Italian parks with exquisite cuisine and magnificent contact nature.

You are allowed to practice cycling all year round in Italy. Nevertheless a lot of people around Europe gather together in May, because a big international cycling competition is held in this place since 1930, called Giro d’Italia.

Another option to have fun in Italy is riding motorbikes. Renting a motorbike can be very expensive and really difficult to find because only few cities are renting motorbike nowadays.

If you are planning travel to Italy, cycling and riding a motorbike could be an interesting experience in order to have the best trip ever.

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