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Buses in Italy

As we know, cities in Italy are really crowded and driving a car in any Italian city could be a nightmare since traffic is unbearable during rush hours. In this fashion, bus transportation in Italy, as in other European country, is turning a pleasant way to go around the city. In addition, buses, as a transportation system, are really organized and most of them are government property which means that the prices are quite low.

If you are thinking of visiting nearby places and taking short-distance trips such as Pisa, Rome, Sienna or Venice, this kind of transportation is very convenient for you. You could be connected to all Italian cities and the countryside in a different way with affordability, convenience, reliability and comfort.

Many interesting private bus companies in the city such as Linea Express, Archeobus and Linea Urbana are recommended by locals, in addition they connect communities and luxurious, big cities as fast as they can. You will find some bus stations near the metro station or in downtown cities.

As a touristic country, Italy has many buses that provide tour services all around the country; taking a bus tour is a trendy option for people who donít want to rent a car. You can schedule your trip and start visiting magnificent destinations like Rome, Venice and Florence. In order to help you with this, here is a list of the most important bus tour companies in Italia.
  • Grand European Tours
  • Absolute Italy Tours
  • Rome Tours
  • Florence Tours

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