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Genoa Travel Guide

How to arrive

There are many ways of getting Genoa:

By air

The best way to get to Genoa is by air, this beautiful city has an international airport, Cristoforo Colombo, which is located in Sestri Ponente, around 6 km from the city center; this airport was built over an artificial peninsula. The Cristoforo Colombo airport is used by the entire Liguria region; it offers a lot of flights from and to many Italian cities and important European capitals. Travelling by plane is a good idea and the quickest way, but it has a drawback: it is very expensive although many people find lower costs in companies such as Transavia, Ryanair, Blue-Express, Air Italy and Vueling. There are taxis and buses that you can take to go from the airport to the city center.

By car

Genoa is connected to national network highways and these highways are accessible by car from Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and other cities. Important highways are: the A12, A10 and A7 highway.

If one is in Rome or Florence, one can take the A11 highway, Firenze-mare, and the A12 highway to Genoa. If one is in Milan, one can take the A7 highway, Milan-Genoa. If one is in France or Ventimiglia, one can take the A10 highway, Ventimiglia-Genoa. If one is in Turin, one can take the A21 highway towards Alessandria then the A26 highway towards Voltri and finally the A10 highway to Genoa. If one is in Venice, one can take the A4 highway towards Brescia then the A21 highway towards Toronto, finally the A7 highway to Genoa. If one is in Bologna, one can take the A1 highway, Bologna-Milano, to Parma then the A15 highway toward La Spezia and continue on A12 highway to Genoa.

By train

Other way to get to Genoa is by train. Principal Stations are Genova Brignole, Genova Sturla and Genova P. The Principe station and these railroads connect Genoa with most Italian cities.

By sea

Taking the ferryboat is another pleasant way to get to Genoa. Ferries arrive and leave the Mediterranean ports to the Stazione Marittima. Some important ferries are:

Tirrenia Ferries are connected with Sardinia, Moby Lines, Corsica and Sardinia, Grimaldi, Sicily, Sardinia and Spain, Tris, Corsica and Sardinia, Corsica Marittima and Cotunay.

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