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The Liguria cuisine is a traditional vegetarian cuisine rich in natural ingredients and flavors; it is known as “cucina del ritorno” and is one of the most delicious cuisines in Europe. This region doesn’t have pork or beef because it doesn’t have plains to raise them so Liguria cuisine is vegetarian necessarily or “di magro” in Italian. Although there aren´t vegetables, meat or herbs, Ligurian cuisine is one of the most important in Italy.

Vegetables and herbs seem insignificant by themselves but when you mix them their qualities increase and produce a final result with an excellent flavor. Lingurians use mushrooms, the most famous porcini, pine nuts, walnuts, tomato, spinach, eggplant, asparagus, artichoke, zucchini and a great variety of aromatic herbs. The most important ingredient is Ligurian olive oil and it’s used in delicious typical sauces such us salsa di noci and green sauce.

The symbolic dish is “Cima alla Genovese”; some of its ingredients are brain, gizzard, shredded cheese, peas, pistachio and garlic. “Il pesto alla genovese” is one of the most typical dishes in Lingura, you can find it in every place for example at important and luxurious restaurants, homes and small hotels. The principal ingredients are garlic, pecorino sardo cheese, basil, rosemary, marjoram, borage, sage, thyme and olive oil. Most of the entrees are accompanied by this sauce, for example gnocchi, lasagna, minestrone, the traditional spaghetti liguri and specially le trenette.

Pasta is very important in Liguria cuisine because Liguria has the most delicious pasta in the world, for example le lasagna, le piccagge, il panzotti, iI corzetti, le trofie, these are served with ricotta and herbs. Other important dishes are ravioli made with fat-free, vegetables, cheese, mushrooms, herbs and eggs. Gattafuin made with ravioli dolci, made with sweet pasta, ricotta and chocolate. Focaccia, which is salt bread flavored with olive oil and sage, sometimes is stuffed with cheese. Pascualina cake is an important cake; it is stuffed with Swiss chard or spinach.

Liguria has unique seafood dishes due to their taste and presentation and those take an important place on the menus of Genoese restaurants. A true masterpiece of Liguria cuisine is the cappon magro, which is a very elaborate dish made of various kinds of fish, boiled vegetables, and seasoned with a sauce of herbs and pine nuts. Fritto misto, mixed deep-fried seafood, I’insalata di peste, seafood salad, triglie alle Genovese, stoccafisso in agrodolce, sour sauce and cos in sweet. The anchovy, the queen of the Ligurian Sea, can be eaten cold but it tastes best when anchovy is stuffed.

Il pandolce, known as panettone ligure, is a distinctive dessert. Some of its ingredients are dried fruits, raisins, pistachio and marsala, it is very famous in Christmas. Canestrelli, amaretti, Baci di Dama (little walnut pastries), and Gobeletti, which is a little bread stuffed with quince jam.

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