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Florence Travel Guide

Florence Arrival

Arriving to Florence is quite easy, there are many options for all people and for all budgets; it is all up to you! Florence is a popular destination in Italy, so it is accessible through many transportation options; here some descriptions on getting to Florence:

Florence by Plane:

Florence counts with an international airport, The Amerigo Vespucci Airport, commonly known by Italians as ďPeretolaĒ; which is located on the North-West of Florence, 4km away from the Center of the city. If you visit Florence it is more recommendable to arrive directly to Florence, so itís a good idea to arrange your flight to the Peretola; but if you canít find a flight for you, look for ticket to Pisa or Bologna which are the closest Airports and you can get to Florence from any of them in approximately 1 hour.

You can get from the Airport to the city center for 4.5 Euros in 25 minutes by bus (The Volainbus) or by taxi in less time for 15 or 16 Euros. Taxi rides are often fixed to Ä18 plus Ä1 per bag.

Florence by Train:

Florence is well-connected by a Transportation system which covers the entire city; the central station is Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN) and it is located in the north-west of the city center and itís near many attractions (a 10 minute walk from the Duomo and 20 minutes from the Piazza della Signoria). The station offers many services such as internet, left luggage and more. Florence also counts with other two small railway stations:
  • Campo di Marte and
  • Firenze Rifredi Station

Florence by Bus:

Buses in Florence are a great option after the trains to get around Florence, and are almost available for the same price. The SITA buses are available to many destinations in Florence and those are more convenient because of the difference between the location of bus station and train station.

Florence by Car:

You can drive to Florence but you must be careful due to the strict rules in the city center; you should also know about the public parking areas for your car, because itís prohibited to park your car in the street unless there is a computerized meter to charge you.

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