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Picnic food in Florence

Florence has ancient and beautiful parks; many of them were built in the 14th century, when the Renaissance was at its peak. The Medici family built many gardens in Florence and one of them is the Boboli Garden.

The Boboli Garden is a beautifully garden, and it is next to the Pitti Palace, many years ago it was exclusively for the Nobility, the garden was opened to the public in the 19th century. The Boboli Garden has 45000 Square meters, here youíll find nice statues like Neptuneís statue and a beautiful amphitheater, the Boboli Garden is very well-preserved and has a peaceful atmosphere with hundred of trees with a nice green-color emerald. Due to the dimensions of the park, visitors need three hours to visit it.

Other interesting park is the Semplici di Firenze, which was built in the Renaissance and is now property of Florence University, with only 1694 square meters, in the garden Semplici di Firenze visitors can find species of vegetables that canít grow up in Tuscany weather.

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