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Art Festivals in Italy

Art festivals are the more colorful festivals in Italy, and in all representations Italy is recognized as one of the most cultural, talented and creative countries due to its heritage in such regards.
Films, Dance, Music, literature, and more forms of expression have endured across the time and space and now all of them are celebrated in Italy and most of them are held during the summer.

Throughout the year Italy hosts a great number of festivals, from small villages, venues to selected audiences because Italy is full of composer and musicians, some of the most famous festivals are:

Festival dei Due Mondi is one of the most famous art festivals, from 1958 when it started; the festival includes concerts, opera, ballets, films and more.

MusicFestPerugia: The festival takes two weeks in August and consists of concerts and presentation of classical music at historical monuments sites around Perugia

Bologna’s summer festival: The festival features bands playing in a medieval palace or unexpected places.

Umbria Jazz Festival, is one of the most important music festivals in which artists from all over the world perform; in addition to the performances for which people have to pay; streets in Perugia are full of presentations during the time the festival is held.

Rome has also the festival: “Estate Romana” during summer in which presentations of music and art are held.

For new musicians and enthusiasts, the Tucsia Opera Festival, opens its doors to opportunities to exchange music and compositions in Maccagno.

Films festivals are also an important part of Italy, the Venice International Films Festival or La Biennale di Venezia is the most famous and the oldest film festival, commonly celebrated in September; other important festivals are Salento International Film Festival, Milano Film Fest, Roma International Film Fest, the Torino Film Festival and others.

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