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Umbria is one of the twenty regions of Italy and is often considered the green heart of Italy; it is bordered by Tuscany on the west, the Marche on the east and Lazio on the south, it covers an area of 8.456 km˛ and is composed of two provinces, the first is the capital Perussa and the second is Terni; the population of Umbria is 903.679 inhabitants, most part of Umbria is covered by Mountains and hills and also is the unique landlocked region.

Other important cities in Umbria are Foligno, Citta di Castello, Spoleto, Gubbio, Asís, Orvieto, Bastia Umbria and Narni where tourists can see amazing attractions such as The Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi, which is one of the most important renaissance churches in Italy that is the reason why a lot of tourists visit this church, Montefalco is also visited because one can find there a medieval town with beautiful Romanesque churches; the most important art festival in Italy, the Festival dei Due Mondi, is celebrated each summer there.

In the Valnerina, there are the most beautiful Italian valleys, the famous Monti Sibillini and The lake di Piediluco. The best season to visit Umbria is in April and March because the holy week takes place and one can see processions and different kinds of celebrations in the entire town. The main economical activities in Umbria are tourism, Industry, handicrafts and agriculture, Umbrian agriculture is remarkable for its tobacco, olive oil, sugar-beet, sunflowers, and its vineyards, which produce excellent wines.

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