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Trentino-Alto Adige

Italy has 20 regions and Trentino-Alto Adigio is one of them, it is a beautiful and particular region because Latin and Teutonic cultures mingled there. Trentino-Alto Adigio is located in northern Italy and is bordered by Austria on the north, Switzerland on the north-west and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto on the west and south. It covers an area of 13607 Km and it has a population of about 1,017,000 inhabitants. Trentino-Alto Adigio region is divided into two autonomous provinces, the first is Trentino (Province of Trento) and the second is South Tyrol (Province of Bolzano).

Trentino-Alto Adigio is one of the most amazing regions in Italy; visitors will be surprised by the beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and its architecture. In Bolzano one can find some touristic attractions such as The Castle Runkelstein with its collection of medieval frescoes and The Duomo, which is known for its multicolored tiled roof. In Trento one can find other attractions such as the Castello del Buonconsiglio and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore but Trentino-Alto Adigio is also known for its amazing festivals such as the festival of Campitello di Fassa, Saint Martino Festival, Wine and grape festival in ezzocorona and St. Vigilio Festival.

Currently, Tourism is one of the most important economical activities in Trentino-Alto Adigio, when one can get there one can find many kinds of hotels where one can stay; nowadays the total accommodation capacity of the region counts with 651,426 beds available in hotels and other establishments. Trentino-Alto Adigio is a region where one will find many kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apples, chestnuts, mushrooms and asparagus, and it is also a region that exports a major part of its wine to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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