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Sardinia is an Italian Island where one can see beautiful beaches with white sands, it is located in the center of the Mediterranean and it also has a mountain area without high peaks, some of its mountains are Punta La Marmora (1,834 m), Monte Limbara (1,362 m) in the northeast of the island, Marghine and Goceano (1,259 m). Sardinia covers an area of 24.090 km˛ and has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. The capital of Sardine is Cagliari and it is composed of other seven provinces: Nuoro, Olbia-Tempio, Carbonia-Iglesias, Oristano, Medio Campidano, Sassari and Ogliastra.

The best time to visit Sardinia is during summer because the best attractions in Sardinia are definitely its beaches. The Emerald Coast is located in northwestern Sardinia and one can get there by car, the distance is approximately 150 km, so one can get there from the airport in twelve hours and while one is traveling one can see the beauty of the Sardinian countryside, but the Emerald Coast is not the only attraction in Sardinia, there are other beautiful sites such as “Los Nuraghi”, which are stone buildings that date from the Bronze Age, “Maddalena Islands”, which are beautiful islands where one can see amazing landscapes, ”II Capo Testa”, located near Santa Teresa Town, there one can enjoy the amazing sunset view.

The cuisine in Sardinia is also one of the best in Italy; as in other regions of Italy Sardinian cuisine is composed of pastas and Pizza is undoubtedly the main dish in Sardinia; but if you do not like pastas or pizzas there are many seafood restaurants and vegetarian restaurants.

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