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Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta

Italy has twenty regions and Piedmont is one of them. Piedmont is located in northern Italy; it covers an area of 25,402 km and its population is about 4.4 million inhabitants. It is the second largest Italian region after Sicily. The capital of Piedmont is Turin; it is also made up of seven provinces that are: Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Cuneo, Novara, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Vercelli. Piedmont is bordered by France, Switzerland and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Liguria, Aosta Valley and a very small fragment of Emilia Romagna.

Piedmont in Italian means “at the foot of the mountain”; in the past, when Hannibal destroyed Taurasia (The capital of the Celtic tribes), Romans rebuilt the city with most of the monuments that still characterize Turin, years later, it was inhabited by many cultures and tribes such as Teutons, Normans and Romans.

Piedmont is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and highest European mountains, such as the Gran Paradiso and Monte Rosa, the East of Piedmont is occupied by the Pianura Padana and it is crossed by the river Po, which is the largest Italian river. Piedmont gives thousands of reasons to people who want to see the amazing landscapes and beautiful mountains, lakes, hills due to the tourism, which is the principal economic activity in Piedmont.

Valle d'Aosta is an Italian Region located in Northern Italy; it is bordered by Switzerland on the north, France on the west and the region of Piedmont on the south and east; Valle d'Aosta is a small Italian region that covers an area of 3,263 km and its population is about 130.000, it is also the only Italian region which has no provinces, the capital of Valle d'Aosta is Aosta.

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