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Le Marche is a beautiful region of Italy and most of this region is forest so agriculture is the most important economical activity in The Marche, it is located in the center of Italy and is bordered by Emilia-Romagna and the republic of San Marino on the north, Abruzzo and Lazio on the south, Tuscany on the north-west, Umbria on the west and the Adriatic Sea on the east. Le Marche has an area of 9,694 kmē and has many mountains and hills; Monte Vettore 2,476 m high is the highest mountain in Le Marche and other mountains do not exceed 2,400 meters, the coastal area is around 173 Km with beautiful beaches which are important touristic attractions.

Le Marche was known as the Piceno, it was an area where many tribes settled, tribes such as the Senones and the Gauls; years later, Romans conquered this region and in the renaissance many aristocratic families such as the Malatesta and Pesaro fought for this region but finally, in 1860, Le Marche was annexed to the United Kingdom of Italy. In the past Le Marche was considered a poor region because its main economical activities were agriculture and traditional crafts. Currently, agriculture is not an important activity in le Marche; 30 years ago this region had its industrial revolution because of the many industries such as ship building, petrochemicals, paper and others.

Thanks to its beaches and mountains Le Marche has many kinds of climates, hot summers and cold winters, so one can find a variety of vegetables and fruits, but the cuisine of Le Marche is a high attraction dishes such as cappelletti, passatelli and tagliolini en brodo, urbinati del strozzapreti and del lumachelle. Olives are the main product of the region; large quantities of olive oil are produced, something that contributes to the economic development of Le Marche.

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