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Liguria is the most important coast region of Italy, it’s located in the northwest part of this country, and its capital is Genova. Liguria is bounded by France in the west, by Piamonte in the north, by Emilia-Romaña and Toscana in the east. The sea is the main resource of this region; many resorts open their doors to public in summertime. It also offers different landscapes because it is near The Alps. Genova is the capital of Liguria which is the most important city there.

Old civilizations lived in Liguria; many archaeologists found old human remains there so they think that during the first millennium BC some groups of people were in Luria. During the Roman Empire, Augustus created the region of Liguria which extended from the roman coast to Po River. Liguria was dominated by Byzantines and Lombardos between the IV century AD and the X century AD. The republic of Genova was instituted in the XV century, since this stage Liguria experienced a slight improvement in its condition. Liguria became part of France in 1805 because of Napoleon. During World War II, Liguria underwent hunger, when German troops took over this region.

People speak genoves in Liguria, which is quite similar to Italian. There are important places in Liguria, which are: The Historical Center of Genova, Cinque Terre, Tino, Tinetto, Palmaria and Porto Venere, these sites are considered patrimonies of the Humanity by the UNESCO. Genova is the most important port on the coast of Liguria; this city is a cultural epicenter as many important painters like Bernardo Strozzi, Orazio and Gregorio di Ferrari were born in this city.

When someone walks around Genova, one can find old castles, monuments and elegant churches. San Remo is the most important resort in Genova, there is a musical fest and a rally each year there. There are many reason to travel to Liguria, other cities in Liguria are Imperia, La Spezia and Savona.

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