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Italy is divided in 20 regions, Lazio is one of them and this region is located on the shores of Tiber River in the west central region, 20 kilometers from Florence. Lazio is also known as Latium and has more than 50 cities and towns, its capital is Rome. Lazio limits with Tosacana, Umbria, Tuscany, Marcge, Umbria, Abruzzo, Campania, Molise and the Tyrrhenia Sea.

Lazio history is linked to the development of Roman Empire and the consolidation of the Catholic Church. Lazio passed through many stages, one of them was the World War II; nowadays it is one of the most important cities in Italy.

Lazio offers beautiful landscapes such as Lakes, old streets, legendary and green hills. Villa Borghese in Rome is the most famous park where you can walk and cycle, it is a unique experience when it comes to arts because Borghese Gallery is here, you can enjoy artworks and nature.

Lazio is an area of thermal spring. Termas Caracalla is located in Rome, Tivoli has artistic beauties and two mansions, the first one is Villa D’Este, and the area has a palace and gardens.

There are some islands such as Gaeta, Sabauria, San Felice Circeo, Vento Lene, Sperlonha and Ponza Island. The most important lagoons are Bracciano and Bansena, which is one of the largest Lagoons in Europe. The mountains in Venice that are very important and can be highlights are Termillo, Livata, Volsinos, Ciminos, Sabatinos and Campo Staffi. Tiber is the most important River. Lazio has a climate with many variations between an area and others.

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