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Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a self-governing province of Italy, it is located in the northeast of Italy and its capital is Trieste City. This province covers the regions of Fruili and Venecia Julia, each one has its own history and traditions.

Its limits are in the west with the region of Veneto, in the north with Austria, with Slovenia in the east and in the south with the Adriatic Sea. This region is surrounded by high mountains so it presents different types of landscapes. The region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia has a warm weather, however in some parts the weather changes according to the geographical area. Other cities in Friuli and Venezia Julia are Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine.

In the old ages, Celts lived there. In the II century BC Romans invaded this site and established Aquileia, since Longobardos took over this region, Friuli-Venezia and Giulia have had a different history. Friuli became the capital of the first Lombardo dukedom in Italy, few centuries later Gallic arrived. From the13th century to the 17th century Friuli became part of Venice. Venezia Julia was Austrian territory during World War I. In 1947 both regions joined.

In Aquileya one can find Roman remaining like the Cripta degli Scavi, gothic art was favorably received so there is Palazzo Comunale de Pordenone which is proof of this. The renaissance art is present with the Madonna della Misericordia wich is a painting located in Friuli. Around this region there are five museums, Civici e Galleria di Storia e Arte Antica in Udine, Delle Arte Populari in Tolmazzo, Civico Museum in Pordenone, Provinciale della Grande Guerra in Giriza and Paleocristiano Museum in Aquileya.

This region has many foreign people who came for Austria, Germany and Slovenia, there are few Italians. Itís advisable to travel to this region in summer because the weather is warm enough to walk around the city.

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