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Campania is located south of Italy, this city is always open to tourist. The capital of Campania is Napoles. Around this city one can find Lacio which is northeast, Molise in the north, Apulia northeast, Basilicata in the east and the Tirreno Sea in the west and south-west. The small islands of Flégreas and Capri are part of Campania. Other cities in Campania are Avellino, Benevento, Caserta and Salerno.

In the 8th century BC, many people arrived here and they instituted a new town. In 79 AD when the Roman Empire was booming, Vesubio volcano destroyed the cities of Pompeya and Herculano. In the Middle Ages, Phillip II found the Napoles University which is the oldest university worldwide. In 1458 Sicilia and Napoles were divided.

In Napoles, the main city of Campania, one can enjoy a good cup of wine or dishes like pizza. There are two archaeological parks, which are Rione Terra de Pozzuoli, the best urban archaeological park, and Conza. Some of the best monuments that are located In Campania are The Historical Center of Napoles, The Real Palace of Caserta and the archaeological zones of Pomepya and Herculano. The greek-style temples are located in Paestum. Napoles has as many churches as Rome.

The Campania cuisine is the best of all Italy; everybody once tried Napolitan pizza or Napolitan ice cream, other well-known dishes are the Russian salad and Limoncello.

It’s very easy to come; Campania has an airport which is connected to the most important cities of Europe and some parts of the world. It is also cheaper to take a trip to Campania than to Rome.

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