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Calabria and Basilicata

Calabria is an Italian region and is part of the Italian peninsula; it is located between the Tyrrhenian sea and Ionia sea; it is hard to visit it region because it is surrounded by the Apennines, Calabria is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west, The Ionian Sea on the east, the Basilicata on the north and The strait of Messina on the south; Calabria capital is Catanzaro, Calabria covers an area of just 15,000 kmē and is made up of five provinces: Catanzaro, Consenza, Reggio di Calabria, Crotone, and Vibo Valentia.

Calabria is one of the oldest Italian regions; in the past it was inhabited for the first tribes of Italy, other culture was the Greeks but in the 3rd century they were conquered by the north tribes of Italy such as the Samnitas or Luncanis and the Brucios; years later the Romans conquered this region until the 17th century, in the middle ages Calabria was also conquered by the Byzantines.

The Calabria economy is based principally in the agriculture because it is the most important region where the olive oil is produced, other farm products are onions, mushrooms, cereals, wine and seafood; the main seaports are Reggio Calabria y Gioia Tauro. Calabria has three main highways and two airports; one is located in Lamezia Terme and the other in Reggio di Calabria.

The official language is the Italian Language but there are other dialects like the Calabres, which is not a resemblance to Italian Language and it is decreasing because many people are migrating to other places. In the south of Calabria the Calabres sounds like Campanio, and in the north of Calambria it sounds like Sicilian Language.

Tourism is another important activity in Calabria because there are many attractions such as beaches, beautiful cliffs and mountains; the main mountains are Aspromonte and La Sila. Although Calabria is a developing city, there are cheap and huge hotels and cottages where one can stay in vacations.

Basilicata is a region located in the south coast of Italy, in the past Basilicata was called Lucania, bordered by the gulf of Taranto on the southeast, Campania on the west, Apulia on the north and Calabria on the south, Basilicata covers an area of 9.992 kmē and it has 588.42 inhabitants, there are two provinces Potenza, which is the capital, and Matera, other important cities are Melfi, Pisticci and Policoro.

Basilicata has a delicious food; the main ingredients are pork, ham, ricotta, parsley, egg and pepper and wine, which is a good reason to visit Basilicata.

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