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Explore Italy: Abruzzo and Molise

Abruzzo is a town located south of Italy, on the shores of Adriático, near the central Apennines; its capital is L'Aquila City other cities are Chieti, Teramo and Pescara. Its geographical limits are in the west with Lacio, in the north with Marcas, in the east with Adriático Sea and in the south with Molise. There are tree National Parks, one Regional Park and twenty protected areas. Currently, it has a population of 1.339.317 people.

Since Neolithic times, people have lived in Abruzzo. In the Roman Empire, this region took different names like Sabina et Samnium, Campania et Samnium, Picenum and Flaminia et Picenum, In the Middle Ages Abruzzo was known as Aprutium, according to its official history. In 1233, Abruzzo was recognized as an official region but in 1273 it was divided in two parts. In 1921, The National Park of Abruzzos, Molise and Lacio was instituted, this park is one of the oldest in Italy.

The ecomony of Abruzzo is one of the best around Italy; it is based in agriculture so the wine of Abruzzo is the best in Italy. Many castles of the middle ages are throughout Teramo and so many tourists visit this province. Ovidio, the greatest Italian poet was born in Abruzzo, if you want to find out more about the culture in Abruzzo you can always go to the two main museums: Nazionale d'Abruzzo Museum in L'Aquila and Sulmona Museum.

Molise is another important region of Italy, which is located in the south of Italy, the capital of Molise is Campobasso City. Its limits are northwest with Abruzzo, in the west with Lazio, with Campania in the south, southeast with Apulina and northeast with the Adriático Sea. Molise is the second smallest region in Italy; it has only two provinces which are Campobasso and Isernia.

Until 1963 Molise and Abruzzo were one region together. In the Old Rome Molise was known as Samnio. In 1806 when Napoleon invaded Italy, Molise became a new province in Italy.

Since Molise doesn’t have a high population, its economy is not as good as the ones in the other regions of Italy, tourism is the main source. Molise is part of the National Park of the same name, where animals like brown bear, lynx, deer and wolves live.

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