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Breakfast, snacks and ice cream in Italy

It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the main and most important meal of the day and must be eaten in a nice and clean house on a table and with no hurry. Some nutritionists say that the problems will come later if you do not eat a well-prepared breakfast in an adequate space.

Note: Problems like obesity, stress and a tendency to be a smoker or an alcoholic are the consequence of not having good habits in breakfast.

But do Italians think like that? Apparently not. They often eat their breakfast in bars and do not have a good meal. Their first meal consists of coffee with milk and a croissant stuffed with chocolate. That is not a good breakfast and people should not feed themselves like that.

A clear example is that almost everyone eats ice-cream like a meal in Italy. And according to the nutritionist ice-cream does not feed at all. But people in Italy eat like that perhaps out of an ancient habit.

Ice-cream is one of the oldest meals in the world, and was created by Romans and Greeks, and it started as a cup of ice with fruits and honey.

So Italian food can be delicious but people in Italy do not have good nutritionist habits at all.

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