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Credit Cards and Travelers' Checks

Itís always a good idea to carry a credit card because itís safer than carrying cash. However, to carry cash is pretty much your only choice in Italy. If you decide to carry a credit card, the cost will depend on factors like what kinds of services it includes, where you can use it and the provider of the credit card. A credit card can usually cost between 35 and 100 Euros annually, but you may pay extra commissions, it will be depend on you bank agency. Most credit-card companies allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs, but these ATMs should be associated with the bank agency network. Most ATMs allow you to withdrawing a limit of money; itís a security measure in behalf of the client.

Many people have problems with Italian ATMs because machines are out of service about 75% of the times or are broken without reason or they are out of money. Itís a good idea to get cash from the bank early in the morning. This is the reason why credit cards are not popular in Italy.

Travelersí checks are accepted in tourist areas, you must check the exchange rate, and you can do this in newspapers. This kind of bank transaction is ďout of fashionĒ as many people prefer to use credit cards or carry cash. If you carry travelerís checks, you should go to the bank and exchange them. Travelerís checks still have one huge advantage over credit cards and cash, if one loses travelerís checks, they will be replaced by the issuer for free and free of extra charges. Itís advisable to get travelerís checks issued in Euros, because that is the currency in Italy. If one buys travelerís checks of different denomination, it will be other good idea.

Itís advisable to check your finance status every day. Donít forget to look after your credit cards or your travelerís checks because pickpockets are up to them.

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