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Average Costs in Italy

The life cost in Italy depends on many factors such as location or what one usually buys. In many countries, if one lives in a capital city, the cost of living increases. The most expensive areas to lives are Rome and the north of Italy. The cost of living in Italy is like in Germany, France and England. Lifestyle is another factor to consider when living in Italy, if you want to live in a luxurious area that will obviously represent the most expensive option. Foreign people may have more opportunities to live comfortably in rural areas. Taxes are a problem because they are present in all purchases, even small purchases, and the reason for high taxes is that government provides quality conditions of life. Overall, Italian taxes are the highest in Europe.

People spend 500 Euros per month in food and 300- 1000 Euros in an accommodation. One can imagine that for living in Italy one will need a job or to be rich. Actually, one has to save money for a long time in order to make a trip to Italy. There are many places where one can be comfortable and one does not have to spend much money like in the south part of Italy. This is the reason why many students go to Naples for vacation.

If one wants to rent a car, one will to spend 200- 1200 Euros per week, so itís a good idea to buy bus tickets or rent a bicycle to get around Italy. One has to know that itís advisable to cook if one can, because food cost is lower than prepared food. If you decide to travel to Italy, it is recommended not to waste all your money, you have to beware of extra expenses.

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