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Best Holiday Destinations in Italy

Italy is an absolutely beautiful country and very diverse. A holiday in northern Italy will be quick different from a holiday in the south and the time of year you visit could change everything about your stay. If you've always wanted to go to Italy but aren't sure when and where to go, here is some advice to help you make up your mind:

The Amalfi Coast

This is the ultimate destination for all the sun and sea lovers. Located closer towards southern Italy than North, this is where you tend to get a lot of very warm weather during the summer and almost non-stop sunshine. There's a range of places you can choose to stay along this beautiful coastline. If you're looking for nightlife, chic hotels and bars and a balcony view above the beach then you should look for somewhere to stay in Positano or Ravello. On the other hand, if you like privacy, peaceful evenings in the garden and mountain views right outside your window then you should look at the smaller villages just behind the coast. They tend to be a lot quieter and idyllic with quite a few locals. But, despite that, all of the fun and the beach will still be within driving distance and there is a lot to see around the villages, so branch out to see the sites when you get a chance.


Everyone always recommends Rome when Italy is mentioned. It's one of the world's most iconic cities in the world, but there is something you should know before you get your heart set on a Roman holiday. 1) Nothing there is cheap 2) Driving through it is impossible 3) If you go during the summer, expect a lot of people. The only way to do Rome properly is to go during the off seasons maybe around autumn or early spring and wear your comfiest pair of walking shoes. Walking is the number one way to get around because all of the best sites are within walking distance of each other and all of the best ice cream parlours are on the way. You should also expect to spend quite a bit of money in Rome. No one knows how it happens, but it always does, so set yourself a daily budget and do what you can to resist the delicious smelling Roman cafes and bakeries. If you play your cards right, a Roman holiday can be something to change your life. You'll never want to leave Italy afterwards.

South Tyrol

This is Italy like you would never imagine it to be. This is the side of Italy that no one realises is there, but it is, and it is an incredible holiday destination. Located just next to the Austrian border, South Tylo (or Alto Adige) is a beautiful combination of Austria and Italy. It can be a bit treacherous to get to walk around because of its dense forests and sometimes snowy roads, so make sure to bring your EHIC with you. It's warm, but not too warm. It is covered in green hills, medieval castles and apple orchards. The towns are cobbled and quaint and would you believe that most of the residents speak German due to the province being Austrian territory some time ago. A holiday here most likely won't be one of sun-kissed villas and lazy days lounging by the pool. This is the sort of destination where you snuggle up in a hill-top hotel and watch the sunset over the Alps, or explore the scenic walks around and through the villages and end the evening with a glass of wine from a jug in a family run hotel.

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